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Tanzania Karthik Ramanna Harvard Business

The company seeks to provide potable water services to rural and. I urban India where the public infrastructure does not exist. Past efforts have been stymied by rural operations problems including expensive technologies  challenging maintenance issues  cash management problems  lack of capital  and lack of a business model that makes sense for retail operators without subsidy.

Using a franchising model that relies

On seasoned local entrepreneurs  communication technology . Ithat monitors flows and quality  payment technology that takes cash out of the equation  and a  capital light  leasing model  the company hopes to create and share a new business model. If successful  the model can be copied by Brazil Mobile Database other social entrepreneurs with a market based pricing . Ischeme to provide. I other forms of infrastructure in emerging markets. Purchase this case     cb.hbsp.harvard cb product   PDF ENG Against the Grain  Jim Teague in  School Case   Loan officer Jim Teague discovers his agro processor client has a. I serious health code violation just days before a disbursement is due. Proceeding with the loan could jeopardize t. Ihe health of thousands of customers and put his employer at serious risk. But withholding the loan will likely deprive hundreds of farmers affiliated with the agro processor their livelihoods in this poor rural corner of Tanzania.

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PDF ENG Maersk Line and the Future

Container Shipping Forest L. Reinhardt  Ramon Casadesus Masanell  and Frederik Nellemann Harvard Business School Case   An abstract is unav. Iailable at this time. Purchase this case     c. Iharvard cb product   PDF ENG Roger Caracappa  Package Deals for the Estée Benin Phone Number Lauder Companies James K. Sebenius Harvard Business School Case   Roger Caracappa must negotiate a cost saving  innovative proposal from a potential French supplier that could displace the otherwise satisfactory  long time incumbent supplier.

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