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A family business system can either consolidate leadership with one person or it can choose two or more people to lead different parts of the system. Each model can work well as long as it s clear and support by the stakeholders. Both models have some potential weaknesses unitary leadership can lead to excesses leadership teams can  slow and hobbl with rivalry. But there is no doubt that one model dominates.

Having one person serving

The ultimate leader of the business ownership and family is the natural choice for most families and most nonfamily groups around the world. The preference for one leader seems only slightly culturally driven it s very common in Italy for example but Lebanon Telegram Number Data only slightly less common in Finland comparing two European cultures that couldn t  more different. One leader systems are also somewhat more common in younger and less complex family business systems these systems are either in the founder stage or trying to emulate it. The parent founder business leader controlling owner generally has most of the power in his or her family business system.

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As family business systems approach

Or reach the cousin stage with diversifi businesses and big ownership groups as RBS now has you find more systems having two or three leaders who lead South Korea WhatsApp Numbers List different parts of the system and collaborate to keep the system unit. Sibling systems have the hardest time working out who should have what leadership role and power. “ EVERYWHERE AND AT ALL STAGES” With those few exceptions the one leader model still dominates everywhere and at all stages. Inertia keeps families in business wd to it and in some situations there are measurable nefits that tip the scale in favor of unitary leadership. So let s take a closer look at this model.

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