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The case follows Eileen Fisher initial

McKesson could potentially provide them with an alternative. McKesson is an exceedingly large company with somewhat autonomous business units  making the prospect of . Icollaborating to create a  cross disciplinary  offering for independent practices difficult. Moreover  doing so would potentially extend McKesson into the clinical health services  and potentially risk sharing  business  the strategic merits of which can be debated.

Given the uncertainty surrounding

The physician practice environment  the ideal shape of a solution t. I help these customers remains unclear  and competitors with a different . Iproduct mix could be better positioned than McKesson to provide it. Finally  it could be too late altogether to reverse the trends eroding the private South-Korea Mobile Database practice model. Purchase this case     cb.hbsp.harvard cb product   PDF ENG EILEEN FISHER  Repositioning the Brand Anat Keinan  Jill Avery  Fiona Wilson  and Michael I. Norton Harvard Business School Case   Well established fashion brand Eileen Fisher has traditionally appealed to older women. However  to drive growth  Eileen Fisher s management team wants to target a younger demographic and has revamped its fall product line to offer more fashionable styles to appeal to younger women. But  repositioning the brand has proven to be harder than expected.

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This case explores the challenges

Of appealing to new target markets  without alienating existing customers.  forays into social media as they chase a younger demographic and demonstrates the opportunities Belize Phone Number and pitfalls that await big brands when they enter the world of Web . . Purchase this case     cb.hbsp.harvard cb product   PDF ENG Sarvajal  Water for All John D. Macomber and Mona Sinha Harvard Business School Case   Entrepreneur wrestles with business model using SMS and RFID technology  franchising  and leasing to rapidly grow off the grid water purification business without subsidies.

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