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Many experiments  approaches  and techniques

The decision was prompted by several changes in the U.S. market  including the bottler s . Iinability to make crucial investments  the growth of alternative  non sparkling drinks  and the growing power of national accounts  such as Wal Mart. Now that Coke owned most of its . INorth American bottling network  Kent had to decide whether keeping the labor and capital intensive side . Iof the bottling business was in. Teaching in a university places a special obligation on an educator.  Moreover  academics must do this . Iwhile adhering to societally expected commitments to scholarly  detached and dispassionate judgment.

Coke s long term strategic interest

If not  should he re franchise the bottling business  again  . Is Coke had done in the past  Or was there a . Ithird path  For one of the most successful companies in the world Saudi Arabia Mobile Database over the last years  Kent s answers to these questions had the potential . Ito redefine Coke s business model for the next century.Teaching Leadership  What We Know by Scott A. Snook  Rakesh Khurana and Nitin Nohria The fiewe have reached a crossroads in leadership education.  over the last few decades have been tried  and it s time  mmitment  academics and the subjects they teach are in danger of being discredited. It is far too easy to enumerate flaws in the current state of leadership education  course content rarely conforms toIThe Handbook for Teaching Leadership   Scott A.

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Snook  Rakesh Khurana  and Nitin

Nohria  is intended to be a foundational reference for educators f. Iacing this increasingly important challenge. Editor s note  According to the authors of The Handbook for Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number Teaching Leadership  Scott A. Snook  Nitin Nohria  and Rakesh Khurana  .Ito bring together what we ve learned. This edited volume collects international scholars to not. I only put forward a foundational reference for leadership training but also to offer a community of practice where ideas can be developed and shared.

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