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I lieve corporates should simply brainwash themselves from thinking that  good des   goodwill   and that society would appreciate your  corporate social responsibility . So should corporates still  pursuing CSR  Personally  I much prefer the concept of  sustainability  over  CSR  since sustainability doesn t imply altruism or charity.

Corporates are  doing good  cause

By sustaining others  community  environment  staff  etc  they are indirectly sustaining their own businesses and futures. And perhaps they won t feel as bad if negative publicity hits. ANONYMOUS Two quick points  The idea that a good company has to  a great community servant or serve what is deem to   socially responsible  in many cases works Spain Phone Number List against their primary mission which is to  a profitable  growing concern. The second a company decides to do activities that do not further their primary mission then they are sub optimizing their opportunity. A good example is the company who donates  X millions of dollars to a specific cause. Those dollars are coming in lieu of potentially new employees or pay raises or capital equipment  or investments in growing the business. If a company does get into a charitable endeavor  it should  ti to their core business.

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A good example of this

The work that Integra Lifesciences do with the Children s Neuro Foundation.  further Integra s broader business mission and it puts Integra into the proper light Lithuania Phone Number that other  marketing  dollars would fail to do. SAM HEFFNER MBA    RETIR Press coverage may  a convenient method for a researcher to use in measuring  public goodwill   but I do not think it is a reliable one. Surely the newspaper reading public is aware of the biases that unfortunately characterize newspaper reporting these days.  I apologize for calling you Shirley.

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