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Unitary Leadership The person chosen for this role is generally the business leader. In some cases the family business system leader is the chairman of the family holding company and the clear leader of the family owners. In general family business system leaders are the individuals with the most resources under their control typically they are middle ag or family elders.

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Their wisdom but are not necessarily lik by all their relatives. Leaders tell me that they have a gratifying but tough and often thankless job. Many successful Mexico Telegram Number Data family business leaders tell me that they spend half of their time working to address family and ownership issues and to maintain unity. If the business leader tries to control too much of the power in the system he or she will often weaken and destroy it. Even founders seem to understand this. At the founder stage I often see the wife mother wielding significant power over the famil and significant influence on her husband the founder whom she advises.

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Of the one leader model usually shows that the ultimate leader has strong deputies or allies helping to lead the business family and ownership group. Recognizing the nes of his family business system years ago Nelson Sirotsky opt to maintain ultimate control Spain WhatsApp Numbers List but delegat much of the management of RBS to his star nonfamily EVP Pro Parente. group with his uncle and then chairman Jayme Sirotsky also an exemplary leader . Nelson also support the family council and its leaders who did much to organize and unify their large family. It takes a strong ego to not only share leadership but also give crit to others as Nelson does.

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