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Each and every one of the parts

If we start from this premise  the fact that we all have our own encoding system means that communication strategies will have a key role. Or as Villafa e states   For reputation to  a value driver it should  manag and communicat.  But how do we build reputation  Or rather  what is the relationship tween reputation and a firm s activity  This is precisely what this article and the comments that follow deal with  encoding and communication strategies.

The image or reputation of

A firm stems from perceptions that may  collective but may  compos of images that come from different parts of the corporate entity. As Italo Pizzolante says  en La Geometr a de la Comunicaci n Empresarial    When we dig deeper into the analysis of corporate image and rememr that the  image  comes from perceptions that may  collective and that  corporate Turkey Phone Number List comes from the Latin  corpus   body   that is  the sum of the parts of the company  we realize that  each one  of these parts makes up  by themselves   images  in each of the different audiences. The team that works at the Financial department  creates perceptions in the financial sector and suppliers  among others.

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Manufacturing and Distribution team

The consumer  the Management staff… in the government  the competition  and the community  and the staff at the plants in the neighbours  among many other audiences.  of the company as a whole are IMAGES and each public may perceive and thus Kazakhstan Phone Number maintain a particular  image  of the organization. These are publics that  as a result  may have different and even contradictory views of the same company.  In short  one of the key challenges is to get a reputation or image that adequately brings together these different perceptions  to achieve a reputation that is truly align with the  reality  of the company.

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