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The idea is that corporate social responsibility

A Paper Information Full Working Paper Text Working Paper Publication Date  May HBS Working Paper Numr  NR Working Paper  No. Faculty Unit s   Finance Why Good Des Invite Bad Publicity by Michael Blanding Many executives assume that investments in corporate social responsibility create public goodwill. But do they  Felix Orholzer Gee and colleagues find surprising results when it comes to oil spills.

Do companies with reputations

Acting in socially responsible ways receive public goodwill when unpleasant news hits  The question of how much  or even if  corporate social responsibility  CSR  policies nefit companies yond the knowlge that they are good corporate citizens is much debat. There is next to Singapore Phone Number List no evidence that CSR positively adds to a company s bottom line  according to Felix Orholzer Gee  the Andreas Andresen Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.  You cannot find a robust direct link tween CSR and financial performance.  “YOU CANNOT FIND A ROBUST DIRECT LINK TWEEN CSR AND FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE.

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It is true that in areas such

As environmentally sustainable practices  customers have en willing to pay responsible producers a premium for products  take organic cotton  for example. For the Israel Phone Number most part  however  companies have had to content themselves with thinking that even if there isn t an immiate payoff for doing the right thing  then at least the goodwill they build up with the public will provide a buffer to offset negative publicity when something goes wrong. operates exactly like fire insurance. On any given day  you won t see any nefit.

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