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Antonio Vives in his post on the halo effect talk about one aspect of this problem that has nevertheless multiple facets   What factors influence consumer perception and distort the message   Does all of the relevant information reach stakeholders  or only partial information  We can take an example from Solomon Asch s experiment. We have the description of two people  Alan and n.

Alan is smart   a hard worker   impulsive

Critical   stubborn   envious  n is envious   stubborn   critical   impulsive  a hard worker   intelligent According to Asch s experiment  most people would give Alan a higher rating than n  cause listing the positive values first affects the perception of others Iran Phone Number List anchor effect . In addition  the discordant views of the different publics  sectors  markets  and countries are not taken into account. Andreu is critical of those who say the real purpose of reputation is to influence perceptions or manage  reality . As long as such issues remain unsolv  there is inde a danger that reputation comes a kind of  logical framework  in the communication strategy of the company  where the firm is broadcasting or encoding the messages it want to convey to its stakeholders.

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Namely   reputational frameworks

Of excellence  are creat first  but they have nothing to do with the activity of the company. As Pizzolante concludes  the challenge is to achieve comprehensive Kuwait Phone Number and transparent communication that combines both form and substance.  helenaancos helenaancos LLC IMHO  and without having review the actual paper  I have to say   Way too big a leap of a conclusion. too Small sample size within an a very large industry  and one that is the press s easiest target.

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