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Kim Harvard Business School Case

Shortly after being promoted to executive vice president of . Ithe Estée Lauder Companies with global packaging as a key responsibility  Caracappa had to assess a recent proposal he had received from a small French company that had patented a packaging innovation. The innovation could save the Estée Lauder Companies some. In particular  what is asserted to be knowledge about leadership must be true. This is particularly challenging when it comes to leadership. Because when an academic makes an assertion in the field of leadership and communicates knowledge to students  engages students in the practical applications of that knowledge or imbues the identity of leadership on that student  the educational outcomes need to adhere to the criteria of veracity and accuracy we hold for any other field taught in a university setting.

To   million per year if Caracappa

Championed it  negotiated a deal to use it  and if it were adopted . Iby Lauder s key brands. If the new packaging functioned as promised  . Ithe consumer would not perceive any change in the high quality  stylish packaging that was essential to the luxury image o. If the firm s brands. But if the Mexico Mobile Database new packag. Iing caused production  delivery  or quality pr. Ioblems  the supposed savings would be quickly forgotten and Caracappa would bear a heavy responsibility both for the problems and for disrupting a. In otherwise satisfactory . Irelationship with the long time incumbent supplier. Purchase this case  . I cb.hbsp.harvard cb product   PDF ENG Peace  Non Aligned  The Pragmatic Optimism of Lakhdar Brahimi James K.

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Sebenius and Laurence Green Harvard

Business School Case   Describes the background and career of Lakhda. Ir Brahimi in numerous roles ranging from Algeria s ambassador to Indonesia and the Arab. I League  to serving as that country s foreign minister  a. Ind to his many years at the United Nations  with special Bolivia Phone Number emphasis on his actions as a mediator in Lebanese and Afghan conflicts. Purchase this case     cb.hbsp.harvard cb product  . I PDF ENG Coca. ICola in   In Search of a New Model David B. Yoffie and Renee    . IMuhtar Kent  CEO of the Coca Cola Company  faced a critical decision in after closing a   billion deal to buy its troubled North America bottling operations from its biggest bottler  Coca Cola Enterprises.

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