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We further show that egalitarianism

SEOs have en identifi as alternative and or complementary . Ito the actions of governments and international organizations to address poverty and poverty relat social nes. Using a numr of illustrative cases we explore how variation of local institutional mechanisms shapes the local face of poverty in different communities and how this relates to variations in the emergence and strategic orientations of SEOs.

We develop a model of

The productive opportunity space for SEOs as a basis and an inspiration for further scholarly inquiry. Order the book emeraldinsight books.htm issn x volume Egalitarianism Cultural Distance and FDI A New Approach AUTHORS Jordan I. Siegel Amir N. Licht and Netherlands Phone Number List Shalom H. Schwartz PUBLICATION Organization Science forthcoming ABSTRACT This study addresses an apparent impasse in the research on organizations responses to cultural distance. Using historically motivat instrumental variables we observe that egalitarianism distance has a negative causal impact on FDI flows.

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This effect is robust to a broad set

Of competing accounts including the effects of other cultural dimensions various features of the prevailing legal and regulatory regimes other features Nepal Phone Number of the institutional environment economic development and time invariant unobserv characteristics of origin and host countries.  correlates in a conceptually compatible way with an array of organizational practices pertinent to firms interactions with non financial stakeholders. The Changing Ecology of Teams New Directions for Teams Research AUTHORS Ruth Wageman Heidi K. Gardner and Mark Mortensen PUBLICATION Journal of Organizational havior no.

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