Change in promotional packages by Fotop

Featured The way we calculate Change in promotional discounts on our promotional photo packages will change. Now, the discount comes in the form of a percentage, always progressively, that is. The more photos, the greater the discount. In your events, you will be able to define the discount ranges and also delimit how many photos the discount range will be appli. See the example below: From 5 photos: 20% discount From 10 photos: 30% discount From 15 photos: 40% discount So. For example, if each individual photo is sold at R$10.00 and you define the discounts as in the example above. The customer who buys up to 4 photos will buy each one at the individual price. From 5 to 9 photos you will get 20% off the final price.From 10 to 14 photos, 30% and from 15 photos, 40% off. Packages of all photos will continue to exist, where you can determine a minimum value per photo.

The new packages will also have a positive

Influence on the customer’s shopping experience. Given that he will no longer need to select the photo package and then select the desire photos. All he has to do is select as many photos as he wants and Canada Mobile Number List being within a discount range, the discount will be automatically appli  to the cart. The new packs will be posted on the website starting tomorrow, February 24th. All events that contain old packages will be adapt (in percentage value) to the new model. All new events will already enter with the new template appli. If you do not agree with the percentage automatically plac on your old events, you can manually change the percentage you see fit by accessing your dashboard. If you have any questions.

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