Gabi and Ricardo: love that was born on the slopes

Through the photographic lens by Fotop | Jun 12, 2022 | Athletes , Photography , Photography – Featured – Carousel Gabi and Ricardo: love that was born on the slopes through the photographic lens Fotop brings together thousands of stories every day that are formed thanks to the love of photography and sport. And one of these stories is that of the couple Ricardo Cardilhes and Gabi Bueno . Their story began by chance. After quitting a job in 2018, Ricardo used his savings to buy a camera and try a new career. “On a run that I went to photograph my friends, I saw and met the Fotop photographers. I liked it, I subscribed to the platform. I’ve been a partner photographer ever since,” says Cardilhes. Gabi is an amateur runner.

She has been practicing the sport as

Therapy for two years. She says running is a way to connect with herself. “It’s my moment to calm down, feel good, to realize that I have the strength to overcome myself, to be stronger and that I can get China Mobile Number List where I want to go”, she explains. Sharing her evolution on social networks, she realized that other people were identifying. Another point that generated engagement was its curious and immense collection of colored socks. “There was no specific reason, but people liked it, asked questions and were motivated, something I never imagined. Then I continued, showing training, preparation, among other things. And about the colorful socks, I saw people running with them, stylish and beautiful and I wanted to run like that. But I got carried away and bought more than 60 colored socks”, reveals the runner, laughing. Search for photos brought the couple together On an ordinary day at the race, Gabi passed by Cardilhes, who was working at the same place, taking the photos.

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We didn’t even talk that day but I

Saw that he was there taking pictures. But then I went to look for my photos to buy and I couldn’t find them. A friend of mine gave me his Instagram. I was a little embarrassed to charge him, but he was super nice, we kept talking and we never stopped”. Today, Ricardo always tries Phone List Forum to perform at events in which his girlfriend participates. “I always try to see if she’s okay, if she’s having fun and enjoying herself, within her planning”. From those moments, Ricardo keeps a memory of his partner during a test. “I was camouflaged in a cone and I clicked Gabi applauding someone else. And we had talked a little bit about that, supporting others, about who you are when no one is looking. It was something very striking for me”, explains the photographer. For Gabi, it’s always exciting to have her reactions during the race captured through her boyfriend’s lens. “

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