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These diverse therapies are equally

AHCA doesn t really address these challenges. Unless we face them squarely Micare will ultimately bankrupt and Americans will forc to pay for a much higher share of their health care bills. There is a tter way. The Unit States must make healthy living the twenty first century equivalent of putting a man on the moon. With lifestyle choices accounting for more than percent of health care spending we should launch a decade long national.

Healthy Living campaign focusing

On nutrition diet physical fitness and stress ruction. We cannot continue to ignore the osity epidemic sweeping the nation—a serious situation that is leading UAE Phone Number List to ever increasing rates of diates cardiovascular disease cancer spine and joint disease and metabolic syndrome. One of the most important aspects of AHCA is the creation of designat accountable care organizations ACOs . ACOs shift reimbursement away from the prevalent fee for service model that measures inputs to focus on outcomes—keeping people well. These organizations will provide their memrs with the tools and teams of health professionals they ne to stay healthy.

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ACOs will include not only doctors

Nurses but health coaches nutritionists physical trainers and complementary therapists all working together as an integrat team to provide acupuncture mitation and relaxation therapy massage and yoga.  important for people suffering from chronic illnesses in Oman Phone Number order to prevent recurrence of their diseases. To make such a campaign work Americans must take greater responsibility for maintaining their health. In the future they will have a health score much like their crit score that is bas on well establish metrics that will motivate them to improve their health.

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