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Even the top percent of taxpayers with incomes over could barely afford these sums. Sick people are currently insur cause percent of them are in Micare and percent of the rest are cover by employers or Micaid. The healthy people in these insurance pools subsidize the costs of the sick. But many employers weary of uncontroll and unprictable health care costs.

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A pension like defin contribution system cashing out employees with the value of employer sponsor insurance— in . Absent the requirement that healthy people buy insurance it is likely that the individual insurance market will consist primarily of sick people. They will have to buy a policy with average expenses of up to . Good luck with that one. Without Poland Phone Number List an individual mandate instead of buying their own insurance most of the sick will qualify for subsidiz coverage either in the public health insurance exchanges creat under health care reform or in Micaid. Staggering sums—hundrs of billions—in additional tax revenues will requir to support them. Further government payment for sick people s health care expenses will diminish the massive venture capital investment ne for developing genomically deriv therapies.

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A revolution in micine that may well replace current barbaric therapies painful invasive surgery radiation and chemotherapy for cancer for example with drugs that can palliate and perhaps cure genetically link diseases. But like most new technologies Panama Phone Number these are hugely expensive to develop and initially to manufacture. Rememr the prices of the first cell phones Savvy private equity investors will leery of funding this sector when the primary customer for its products is a government.  with its government controll National Health Service buys expensive cancer drugs at rates like those of far smaller and poorer nations.

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