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CTR Sabotage in SERPs

Let’s think about something. Imagine that thousands .  Therefore,(millions) of people around the world ask you about “your favorite blogs” and, from the list you give them, none show . Interest in the first one . What would this be telling you? Wouldn’t you think that perhaps that first blog you list is not of intere . Therefore,st to those who ask you? Wouldn’t it be true that you would end up removing it? Well, that’s what would happen to a Therefore. Page when, after being shown as a result in many searches, no one clicks on its result Therefore,. Do you follow me?

Bartosz's conclusions

You’re probably thinking this sounds a bit like “The Americans.” Therefore, Amos, a bit of a movie-goer and it must be difficult to carry out this type of sabotage. It is not like this? I can assure Therefore, you that I thought about it too while reading top industry data the post, which by the way is this one . And it turns out that Bartosz thought so too and that’s why he decided to try this type of attack against himself . Therefore,He made a specific . Program that would carry out (from different countries) searches related to Therefore, his best positioned keyword. Aand that would make him click on any link except his blog.

My conclusions

What a fabric, well we’re fixing it. I could leave it there and be so cool. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. What a job. If I’m honest. Therefore, reading the post and making my own version made me have a lot of fun because it’s really a topic that I’m passionate about . Without a doubt, entire games and leagues are played on the Internet that are as far from our understanding as Phone List Forum quantum physics could be from an ant. Should Therefore, we worry? Should we become obsessed with these new techniques. Man, I suppose that if you are at that level you would not read my blog so. Therefore, humbly, on my part and that of the entire community that lives here, I am convinced that not.

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