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The most complete guide to Google penalties

Do you really know what a Google penalty is? What types of penalties exist? How do I know if I am penalized or how to get out of a penalty? In this great guide we tell you everything you need to know about the biggest nightmare for professionals who make a living from the Internet. The most complete Highly recommended, if you don’t want to be the next to fall into this trap. Imagine that you have a blog or website well positioned for the keywords that you have fought so hard for, that bring you thousands of visits a month, and that from one day to the next, those visits plummet or you fall to page 50 of Google.

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You previously had on page 1. And you wonder, what happened here? The answer is simple, Google has penalized you and now all you have to do is know the reason executive email list and how you can get out of that penalty. To tell us what you need to know about Google penalties we have David from soywebmaster , who is going to tell us everything about this topic that is so important for the success of our online projects. Do not miss it… One of the main symptoms of a penalty is the sudden drop in visits from search engines to your website. 

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You have suffered a penalty is that your website disappears due. To the main keywords for which it was positioned in the search. Engines or even, in the worst Phone List Forum cases, that your website does not. Appear even when searching for the name of your brand, for example. Confusions with other causes Not every time we suffer a drop. In visits will it mean that we have been penalized. We have to keep in mind that there are periods in. Which visits decrease depending on the theme and it does not have to be alarming. For example, in summer or Christmas are dates. When visits tend to decrease on most websites. 

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