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Good pretty and cheap

This is what we look for on many occasions, but when push comes to shove it is not fulfilled. We usually end up sacrificing one of the three criteria. In the world of digital marketing (and many others), we could put it like this: I want something that works well, is fast, and is free. We live in a world that moves at full speed through which we pass without hardly reflecting. We want everything now, free and with the best quality. Behind it are our fears, the need to move quickly to earn income in our business, the lack of training and experience… an explosive cocktail. This occurs at almost all levels of digital maturity. The higher the level of maturity, the fewer the mistakes we make in this sense, but no one is saved.

Our haste clashes with reality.

To achieve results we have to prepare and this takes time and effort. Therefore, Contrary to what we are continually being sold. Learn faster. Sell ​​more in top industry data less time. Launch your website in an hour. It appears in the first places on Google. Launch your business in a month. Or things as beastly as what I saw a while ago: “ 3 growth hacking strategies to quadruple your blog traffic without using Therefore, SEO ” (from Pro Blogger). These needs and Therefore, value propositions feed into sectors as buoyant as infoproducts , which I already talked about in this blog. Of course there are great professionals who do great work,Therefore, but the vast majority sell smoke . Therefore, They offer us spectacular results that are achieved within 0.5%? of the cases.

Added to all this is the immense

That artificial intelligence is going to help us do repetitive Phone List Forum tasks better and faster? Yeah. What is it going to think for us and do the magic that they sell us? I really doubt it. Therefore, For the first there is not much left, but for the second we must have powerful basic knowledge, learn to use the tool correctlyTherefore, to find the real usefulness for your business and, finally, have criteria to assess whether the result obtained is of sufficient quality. . How many Therefore, SMEs or professionalsTherefore, do you think have sufficient preparation and experience to meet the three criteria?Therefore, Or do you see it more as the next product to be sold by agencies and consultancies?

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