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Where does the digitalization of B2B companies begin?

COVID has changed the context, accelerated digitalization and caused an economic crisis of enormous proportions. We are not so aware of the magnitude of the changes, first because there are still many to come and second, because it is very difficult for us to move away from the tree to see the forest. One of the big changes has occurred in B2B businesses. A few months ago I echoed a Mckinsey study ( October 2020) on the transformation of B2B digital sales : The preference for digital B2B sales has doubled. In Spain and the United Kingdom it is multiplied by three .

The digitalization of B2B companies begins with people and first with a relatively simple change of mentality

What happen? Well, like all great changes, this one starts with people. If the people who make up the company (and ultimately the sector) are not moderately digital, the transformation of these businesses is going to cost no matter how much the study data says otherwise. But I think that this change, at least the beginning of the change, begins with a simple change of mentality. It is curious to see how our way of seeing things changes when we are at home or in the office. At home we shop online, we industry email list watch series on digital platforms, we participate (to a greater or lesser extent) on social networks, etc. etc But we come to work at a B2B company and manage orders by printing

Where does the digitalization of B2B companies begin?

Well, where always. The change is cultural, but it begins with deep knowledge and adaptation to clients. It is, and always will be, the guide for the transformation of our companies. That is why I especially liked the simple analysis that  Mckinsey has done in one of his latest articles. In the following image you can Phone List Forum see an analysis of the problems throughout a client’s customer journey and the digital proposals Digital solutions for B2B customer problems – Customer journey B2B – Mckinsey As you can see, the solutions to the problems are pure common sense and not so advanced that they represent an obstacle when implementing them. Let’s see the proposals by phase of the purchasing process:

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