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The plays a rig game politically

Such vile application has result in terrible excesses of government sponsor killing property confiscation deprivation of lirty indoctrination of youth limitations of opportunity loss of freom of speech state controll mia single party politics and imposition of tyrannical police state measures against those perceiv as unfairly wealthy. Externally impos equality of results regardless of other factors deprives every person subject to it of motivation to achieve and earn individual rewards lowers productivity and diminishes instead of increases total nefits.

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The relationship tween individual and family income and wealth and self perceiv nes. The magnitude of income and wealth of people such as Andrew Carnegie George Baker George Soros J. Pierpont Morgan John D. Rockefeller Bill Gates whom I don t admire and the like has little to no UK Telegram Number Data effect upon me. Bravo for economic success though not to unfair methods of wealth acquisition which are rightly condemn. Doesn t each of us appreciate improvements in our individual and family lot I certainly do. It s particularly noteworthy and neficial for all of humanity when extraordinary circumstances of appli creativity ingenuity and productivity lift individual and family income wealth and well ing without stealing results of others success. Applaud and encourage that. Hap Burnham HBS MBA and JD University of Denver Golden Colorado.

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Whom will Rifkin s nano payments  made  and financially and assuming that further inequity will  reliev by bleing off moneys is fantasy. We have already seen the Jamaica WhatsApp Numbers List reward for catastrophic management of financial assets so productivity doesn t apply in that reward system. We witness a Congress and Senate that is elect by people unable to address inequality at any level so our democracy is a non starter. Accountants have not effectively address valuation to account for technologies and free access to our identities and information. This may  simpler than it looks.

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