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starting with a breakdown of each of the key

Elements you should include: Script / SB reference: Indicates which part of the script or storyboard the shot corresponds to. ensuring alignment between planning and execution. Shot Number: The reference number assign to each shot. This is essential for easy identification and organization. Interior / Exterior: Specifies whether the shot takes place indoors or outdoors.

This is crucial for lighting and equipment planning.

Shot: Identifies the type of shot — such as Wide Shot (WS). Mium Close-Up (MCU). or Very Wide Shot (VWS) — to  europe email list establish the shot’s visual style. Camera Angle: Specifies the perspective from which the camera will capture the shot — like eye level. high angle. or even birds-eye view — adding layers of meaning to the scene. Camera Move: States whether the camera will remain static or employ a specific movement like panning.

Which affects the energy and pacing of the scene.

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