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Elements like a voice-over (VO). an important note for post-production. Subject: Listing any people ne in the shot is an important detail for schuling and ensures all team members know what should be captur. Description of Shot: This is a detail summary of the shot in question. including the visual elements and type of shot to help guide the director. cinematographer. and crew. While there is fundamental information that should be includ on every shot list.

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This is a tool for your production and the most important thing for you is to make sure you have all the information africa email list  you and your crew will ne. With that in mind. you may wish to add. or even swap out. some columns to list other bits of information. such as: The Scene Number: This is a number to identify each scene. which will help with the organization and workflow of the shoot. Location.

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Specifying the set or location for each shot will help when planning logistics. Framing: This should indicate how you want a shot to be compos. which will help maintain artistic coherence and consistency. Action/Dialogue: happen in the shot. such as character Phone List Forum  actions and important lines. ensuring key parts of the story are captur. Props Ne: It’s also worth detailing the props requir for each shot. Extra Notes: You can also add a section for miscellaneous (yet essential) information. .

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