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program or system from functioning

very complicated and complicated code, so that a small mistake can have a big impact on the entire program. Therefore, debugging is very important both before and after the program is released. The history of debugging words The word debugging is derived from the word “bug” which means insect. The term is taken from a rather unique event. On September 9, 1947, an American computer scientist named Grace Brewster Murray Hopper discovered an insect trapped in a computer relay. This can cause the computer’s operation to be hindered. What is debugging? ——Grace Brewster Murray Hopper After that incident, the word debugging became a frequently used word. In 1945, the term “commissioning” was used in aviation terms and could be interpreted as testing aircraft engines. Then in 1963, the term “debugging” became widely use

Why do you need debugging Having

Among programmers to refer to the process of finding and fixing errors in a program or system.understood the explanation and history of debugging, we will now discuss why debugging is needed. Debugging is actually something that programmers have to do when creating a program. The main purpose of debugging itself is to eliminate existing bugs or problems. There are other benefits to debugging, here are some of them: Detect errors faster. Speed up the repair process. Reduce the risk of programs being infiltrated wsdata by malware. Debugging steps Debugging is done by a person called a debugger. Debugging is a skill that programmers must master. You can debug by following these steps:

Recognition error The first thing

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Find the source of the error Once correctly identified, the next step is to find the source or location of the error code. Analysis error At this stage, the debugger must analyze the line of code that produced the error or error. This is done to ensure if the bug affects other functionality. Additionally, this analysis is needed to predict an increase in the number of errors. Prove analysis results After the analysis is Phone List Forum complete, the debugger needs to look for other possible errors in the program. This stage can be automated using automated testing. bug fixed The final stage is to fix the discovered bugs. After the repair is completed, the program will be checked.

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