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a program that led to a turning point in his life. When Reza found the light at the end of the tunnel A series of experiences brought Reza to the lowest point in her life. For one, in semester 10, his GPA was stuck at 1.93 because his academic priorities were overtaken by side activities. what debugging is? Therefore, debugging is the process of finding and eliminating errors in a program or system. The word debugging is derived from the word “bug” which can be interpreted as insect. The word “bug” comes from a very unique incident where an insect got trapped in a computer relay and caused the computer’s operation to be hindered. The purpose of debugging is to eliminate errors in the program so that the program can run

Debugging has several steps, namely

normally. identifying, finding the source of the bug, analyzing the bug, proving the analysis results, and fixing the bug. So, I hope this article was useful to you and added to your insights. Stay tuned for our next article. What is debugging? Why is it necessary? – end Also read the following selected articles to add your insights: What is a programmer? Things that ws number list must be mastered Black box testing of software White box testing of testing software to write articles, news, or essays. Seek constructive criticism and suggestionsFinally, walking down a long dark tunnel, Reza found a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Reza met Bangkit through a network of friends. At first, Reza thought Bangkit was just an ordinary information .

graduation. When he became a member

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of Bangkit, Reza made every effort to coordinate his various activities. At the time, while being a Bangkit participant, Reza was also obliged to complete his thesis and fulfill his responsibilities as the person who does the practicum -ed. Reza also uses Google Calendar to organize these important events. Usually, in the morning, Reza focuses on studying. However, if Bangkitnya activities were conducted during lecture time, Reza would only be able to learn Bangkitnya material by re-watching the Phone List Forum learning videos in class. Thereafter, around 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., Reza started completing his paper in installments. After the thesis writing plan is completed, Reza will fully focus on Bangkit’s learning process. Reza’s hard work allowed him to successfully pass every challenge in Bangkit’s 900 hours of study. This is where Reza’s turning point and the struggle

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