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New in Fotop: your overcoming records now

Also in video format by Helô New in Fotop Carvalho| athletes That’s right, now you can buy your video crossing the Rio Marathon finish line! The Fotop you already know, responsible for your best photo records, has an exclusive release for you athletes who participated in the 2022 Rio Marathon: immortalize your participation in an exclusive video, with images of you and your race performance. The video is exclusive to runners who participated in the 21k and 42k modalities of the Rio Marathon and for you who have already secured your Package, Fotop has prepared a special discount, be sure to check it out! What is the story of your Marathon? Taty Pinheiro (@corretaty) won her much dreamed SUB4 this weekend and the uncontrollable crying when crossing the finish line was inevitable. As a result, Fotop captured this moment in this amazing video!

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“My orders” on the Fotop website in the web version (do not access the app); – You will already visualize the video and even be able to watch an example; Now just make the payment and your video will be Denmark Cell Phone Number List available for download. Finally, you can immortalize your participation in a personalized Rio 2022 Marathon photobook. Finally, all this from the comfort of your home, choose the photos you want to have in your photobook and change them as you see fit. And more: For you who have already secured your Package, Fotop has prepared a special discount, be sure to check it out! Eternize your Marathon, run and guarantee yours! To look for Athletes B2B  Highlight  Photography Marketplace.

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