Against everything and everyone: the

Best photo of the Dakar Against everything and Rally by Fotop | Jan 19, 2023 | Car , Racing , Photography Once again, a Fotop photographer wins the prize for the best photo of the biggest rally in the world on the sands The 2023 edition of the Dakar Rally was certainly the hardest for Fotop photographer Marcelo Machado de Melo, but it was also the most rewarding. That’s because he won, for the second time, the prize for the best photo of the event. His first victory was in 2019, when he also became the first Brazilian to stand out at the award. Melo, who arrived at the biggest rally in the world exhausted, as he had just cover a World Cup, with two games a day, slept a few hours and very badly. Everything seemed to be against him. (Photo: Horacio Cabilla) Dakar Rally experience “I arrived physically and mentally exhausted as well.

But I was living one day at a time

Without thinking about how long Against everything and the rally is”, says the photographer. And all this effort seemed not to be reward with good photo days,according to the photographer. The rain, the light was too neutral, the Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List cars that didn’t raise dust or sand. The non-action photos only got better in the second week of the Dakar Rally. And the discouragement at the beginning due to the fatigue was evident. “After 40 days of eating super spicy food, the bivouac meal this year was horrible… we joked that it was the same food, only in a different format, the taste was always the same and not the best”, he says. For the photographer, the biggest message that the award brings is that every effort will always be rewarded. “Between one award and another, the constancy in making .

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The maximum effort to take good photos was evident. This is contagious to the whole team, everyone increasingly wanting to improve their own photography. So one pulls the other up, one supports the other”. Never being satisfied and bringing an outside look Phone List Forum to things full of the same references, for the photographer, is what will make the difference in the work that is delivered. Therefore, only having references and experiences from a single niche can also limit the image professional. “In these four years I did Rallys, World Cup, Pan American, corporate, portraits, events, advertising for different products, fashion and beauty and architecture. I’m not an expert in ANYTHING, I’m a photographer and I try to use my look to meet my demands.

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