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Foosball game The double impact of leisure in the company

The organization’s internal anecdote could end here, but no, since with it we can learn how the most pioneering companies in business culture are currently built. Why put a table football in your company? Today the most innovative companies are moving away from the classic way of operating companies, where almost the only important thing was the achievement of the objectives. Now, on the other hand, the general well-being of the team and individual also counts a lot. Because? This results in two factors: People work better , feel more valued, motivated and self-fulfilled.

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The company achieves a more committed Saudi Bulk SMS team that works harder and with greater enthusiasm. Game-of-foosball-the-double-impact-on-the-company-2 Precisely, in the previous post ‘Business Culture and Team A: David Tomas at Bstartup’ it was highlighted that generating a culture based on a good work environment directly impacts the income statement . Great Place To Work states that companies that work like this grow 21% above the market average . This is achieved by introducing incentives that help employees create a better work environment. But, also, so that people consider your company as a second home and/or as a place where they want to go to work every day.

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impacts the income statement 

One of the pluses is to offer a leisure space , where Phone List Forum people can freely go. To disconnect from their routine and have a good time participating as a team. Afterwards. Everyone returns to their most active and awake position. Table football is not the only recreational option: for example, in the non-profit organization Kruger Labs . In Quito (Ecuador), they have opted to build their new headquarters with a premise in mind “regression to childhood”. To enter the building you have to go up some steps in the form of Lego blocks, there are slides, fishing nets, a climbing wall and a meeting room that turns into an indoor soccer field. This is a company that has taken creating a fun space to the maximum exponent.

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