Predictive marketing what it is and how to apply it to your business

Predictive marketing models are systems based on data and statistics that help us make forecasts of all kinds, which in turn are useful for defining our marketing campaigns and communication strategies. Here are five examples of models used in predictive marketing and their applications: Clustering model – used to segment customers and audiences . Cluster models can help us segment the target audience based on their behavior, demographics, interests, and other variables. Experimenting with different clustering models makes it possible to find new patterns for much more accurate segmentation. Identification model: used in the acquisition of new clients. After clustering models, the next step is to further segmentation to create identification models.

Advantages of predictive marketing

For practical purposes, this means identifying and Bulk SMS Kuwait segmenting potential customers who have significant similarities to your current customers. A good example of this model would be Facebook Lookalike Audiences. Propensity model: used in lead scoring. Back in 2015, a Forrester study ranked predictive lead scoring as one of the top use cases for marketing analytics. This process uses historical customer data to rank leads based on their likelihood to convert. Later we will see a practical example of a lead scoring tool that uses predictive marketing. Collaborative filtering: used in content recommendations and ads. Collaborative filtering uses data about past customer behavior to make product and service recommendations.

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It is a technique widely used in the ecommerce Phone List Forum sector and in streaming services. Automated segmentation: used in personalized customer experiences. Advanced segmentation models, together with lead scoring and recommendations tailored to each client, allow us to create truly relevant experiences on an individual level. This improves customer satisfaction and can be a key factor in improving ROI . What is a predictive market marketing study? Predictive market research collects data and looks for patterns within it in order to predict consumer behavior. In turn, this information helps us to plan actions that can influence this behavior and guide the customer towards the brand. Predictive marketing studies consist of the following steps: Define the objectives that we want to achieve with the study. Collect the necessary data, either through data mining techniques, own data, data from smart devices, etc. Process and standardize said data in order to carry out analysis on them. Analyze the data to obtain relevant statistics. Create predictive models from all this information. Apply these predictive models to the situation of our company to draw conclusions and determine the next steps to take.

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