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You don’t have enough budget to convince your clients

The other day IYou don’t have enough budget to convince your clients was in a marketing mentoring session with a client and trying to explain how brands need to change the focus of their marketing strategies . IYou don spoke to him about the limitations that companies have and about the difficulty of impacting not the entire audience , but a representative percentage of it. With the added problem that to convince them of our proposal we need to impact each of them several times. you-dont-I mentioned the need for brands to become magnets for their customers to reverse the tendency from chasing customers to attracting them and I came up with an initial approach 

Why will the vast majority of companies never have e

Thus, in addition to guiding marketing activity, we manage to give it meaning within the company. you-dont-We will no longer have the doubts that most company managers have. They will be clear about the purpose of each of the actions and the expected results. As a result of this, we will begin to see how customers approach the company and we will not depend so much on marketing budgets to capture their attention. We are talking about a company that knows how to transmit its essence to the market, and combines communication top industry data attached to the purpose, with recruitment actions that reinforce it. That is, on the one hand it attracts customers, and on the other it relies on actions that allow it to accelerate that contact.

And if I can't impact my audience, how am I going to achieve the company's

I think what I just explained describes the situation of most companies. you-dontThey know  they have to do marketing, you-dont-they know they have to take advantage of the digital channel, but Phone List Forum they do it in a disorganized way andY without clear results. To achieve this, companies must start by looking in the mirror and consider things from the bottom up. They must reconnect with their reason for being first, and with the market later. To achieve this, they need to start with two things:You don the brand purpose and the business and marketing strategy that l

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