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You can use the Google advertising platform to

You can use the Google advertising platform to promote your pages and content. If what your company offers on your website is of great value, the chance of gaining links will increase. Therefore, the advertising routine can be relevant to generate indirect SEO returns, by increasing the visibility of the content and consequently attracting backlinks. Are you going to advertise? Be careful with the short term. Are you going to advertise? Be careful with the short term. Reaching the end of our text, you are convinc that you will invest in Google Ads. Advertise on Google. Ideally, because it will combine the quick return and also the indirect possibilities of helping SEO. And here it is worth a warning. One of the great benefits of Google Ads, as well as other channels anchor in advertising, is the quick return.

Reaching the end of our text

You pay, show up and start getting visibility and sales. But this scenario carries the risk of building an addiction. The addiction of creating a dependency on this payment. Where your business places all visibility, traffic and leads in the hands of a third party channel – which only shows you because you pay. In other words, your company is not investing in itself. It is not improving the website, content and gaining reputation. She is paying others for this. And, in the long term, this creates the scenario that can be illustrat in the graph below: Sponsor links – evolution chart What this graph  new database explains: your return (difference between investment and sales) scales little in the long term; if you want to sell more, you will have to pay more; all your sales depend directly on your investment (there is no reputation gain).

It is not improving the website

What is the objective: The basic objective of SEO is no different from sponsor links. The idea here is to generate visits to the website. The difference is how it is done. In the case of paid mia, your company rents authority from Google. In organic search, you build this authority and gain a reputation with the search engine. Ultimately, the main objective of SEO is to ensure more conversions at a lower cost. Since, in this case, your company does not pay for clicks. In practice then, organic positioning work mitigates the growing cost of sponsor links, rucing dependence on authority rental. 5.3. When to invest: Due to its relative complexity Phone List Forum and ne for long-term focus, SEO is not always applicable to every company. In general terms, to consider this investment , you must think about some questions.

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