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I suggest this years ago in graduate school and my professor . Ialmost kick me out of class. ANONYMOUS When employees are told they are getting very small or even no salary increases plus increas nefits costs  yet see senior leadership making. I millions of dollars in salary and stock options  how can there  trust  ANONYMOUS People trust those who exhibit trustworthy havior. It is that simple. The people I trust share several key characterisitics    . IUnselfishness   Straightforward in speech and action.

No prevarication  does

What he she has committ to do.   Sets has reasonable expectations . I  Invites open communication and demonstrates excellent listening skills   For managers  demonstrates or actively pursues expertise in area of responsibility. Unfortunately  people who Australia WhatsApp Number List exhibit these haviors consistently are coming more rare. I think this is due to the  win at any cost  mentality that is foster in many organizations today. CHARLES EWEKA B. IUSINESS MANAGER  PHCN   NIGERIA Trust is an important issue and I share the view that cause the economic platform is uneven and unprictable it comes increasingly difficult for managers . Ito  consistent in implementing strategic plans and hence distrust within the work force.

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Trust is built through accountability and consistency  Lots of companies loose sight of this in their business day to day activities. Their actions speak Australia Phone Number louder than their words especially when they are inconsistent with the mission and vision of the company  ANONYMOUS I disagree with you that  trust is engender by the process of setting and meeting expectations.  There are no expectations when your organization is intrench with managment which hires not bas solely upon qualifications but familiar relationships.

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