Why customer service is important and how it is part of your marketing strategy

Customer service is the service that companies make available to consumers so that, at any time during the purchase process (both before making it, as well as during and after) they can consult their doubts, solve their problems or express any message . As you can see, this type of service does not have to be intended only to deal with setbacks, but is also enabled to resolve doubts and even for people to send recommendations or suggestions. Today, brand customer service is carried out through multiple channels, such as email, instant messaging, social networks or by phone. The more channels a brand enables, the easier it will be for people to contact them and the more satisfied they will be with the service, thus increasing the chances of customer loyalty.

How customer service should be

How customer service should be According Bulk SMS Lebanon to the data , the aspects that consumers value most in customer service are (in order of importance): The speed with which they attended them and were able to solve their problem. The availability of service professionals. That is, they can contact you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The friendliness of the people who serve them. The possibility of contacting through multiple channels and devices . Not having to repeat the information that has already been provided in a previous phase. In this sense, developing an omnichannel digital marketing strategy and having an optimized CRM can be a very good option.

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Incorporate customer service into marketing

How you can incorporate customer service into. Marketing Phone List Forum The first step in implementing an effective customer service strategy. Is to create a well-coordinated team within the company that can dedicate themselves to it. If you are just starting out. You will not have to rely on a large number of professionals, a small team will suffice. The next step is to establish well what the response guidelines will be. That is, what type of responses will be given and what type of language will be used.

Finally, you should not forget to monitor each of the calls to find out what are the most common reasons why your customers use this service. This way you will be able to know where you are failing and improve it. oh! And don’t always forget to ask for feedback from those people who contact you to find out what they thought of your service.

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