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Some will die and just cause a piece of history or novelty. In this case of time pieces the product transformation re emergence was Timekeeping Function Fashion For example most software another technology will likely never compete in the realm of fashion. But wearable tech as seen at CES is following a remarkably similar pattern to what you descri in your working paper.

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Features such as heart monitors step counters GPS etc. are ing introduc. I m particularly interest in corollaries to your research where the re emergence is not fashion art or collectibles instead where a new valuable function is offer. I see you note fountain pens streetcars organic Sweden WhatsApp Number List winemaking and vinyl records in your working paper. Do you have other examples of technology that re emerge with new functional value Thanks for provoking our thoughts.Do Productivity Increases Contribute to Social Inequality by James Heskett Summing Up Jim Heskett s readers are divid about whether corporate productivity increases make social inequality worse.

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Improve Productivity Inequality in our society is an important and growing issue.  to this month s column about the causes specifically the role play by innovation leading Italy WhatsApp Numbers List to increas productivity without attendant economic growth. One respondent turn the topic on its head posing a more interesting question of whether equality fosters productivity. Several felt that innovation and productivity increases are leading to inequality. As Donald Shaw put it Technology development has always displac some workers while creating new jobs more or less commensurate with the skills of the displac workers.

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