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We contribute to institutional theory

We provide suggestive evidence that the reform equaliz wages across sectors and ruc private sector rents. Download working paper  ssrn abstract Scrutiny Norms and Selective Disclosure A Global Study of Greenwashing By Marquis Christopher and Michael W. Toffel ABSTRACT—Under increas pressure to report environmental impacts some firms selectively disclose relatively nign impacts creating an impression of transparency.

While masking their true performance

What deters selective disclosure and leads firms to instead make disclosures more representative of their environmental performance We identify key company and country level factors that by intensifying scrutiny on firms and diffusing global Mexico WhatsApp Number List norms to their headquarters countries limit firms use of selective disclosure. We test our hypotheses using a novel panel dataset of public companies across many industries and headquarter in countries during when the practice of environmental disclosure increas among many global corporations.

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Our results show that firms that

More environmentally damaging particularly those in countries where they are more expos to scrutiny and global norms are less likely to engage in selective disclosure. by identifying selective disclosure as a corporate symbolic strategy and by revealing how Denmark WhatsApp Numbers List scrutiny and norms limit this symbolic havior. Download working paper  ssrn abstract Mechanisms of Technology Re Emergence and Identity Change in a Mature Field Swiss Watchmaking pdf By Raffaelli Ryan ABSTRACT—I examine the processes and mechanisms whereby market demand for a dying technology re emerges at a later date.

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