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Listen to the podcast episode here . where we go through how marketing.s competitive means were built for a completely new category. 2) Product focus Another way to create a competitive advantage in marketing is to focus on making the best product on the market. This requires your company to have in-depth of the market and often also technological ability.

Strong role in product orient

The brand also plays a strong role in product-orient. companies. In a product-center. model. the challenging thing is that the properties of business database the products can always be copi. to some extent. However. would it be more beneficial to write about the product and tell how the product concretely meets your customers. everyday challenges than to be afraid of competitors. A good example of a product-orient. company is Apple. 3) Customer focus

Market is to focus on customer

If you are not yet familiar with our MRACE® model. it on this Phone List Forum page . Why should marketing.s competitive means be develop. regularly. Digitalization and technological development have shap. customer behavior and l. to significant changes in the competitive field. Digitization has increas. competition. especially with existing competitors in many industries.

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