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What is Thin Content and why should you avoid it

Thin content , low quality content or poor content is a type of web content that does not add value to users , either because it does not add anything different or new to what already exists, because it does not help them or because it does not satisfy them. Normally, extremely short texts in which there is not a sufficient amount of data or information are usually classified as thin content (although it does not always have to be that way), as is not including internal links, images or structure to the text. For example, although 300 words is the minimum reference extension declared by Google to qualify content as poor.

So how can we detect thin content

This is only an approximation, since content Bulk SMS Cambodia with fewer words can also rank if it offers satisfactory information. This would be the case of the RAE or the ecommerce product sheets. In short, the number of words is not an indicator to look at to qualify content as poor or not. So how can we detect thin content? Although it is best to avoid it with the rabbits that we will give you below, if what you want is to check if any of your already published content is of low quality, one of the most interesting alternatives is to use tools designed to detect plagiarism, which will analyze your page according to different parameters and they will tell you what you can improve.

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Plagiarized or duplicate content

We advise you not to spend too much time carrying Phone List Forum out this analysis, because the sooner you detect possible low-quality content, the less consequences there will be for your website. Types of thin content Knowing the different types of low-quality content will also help you detect if you are falling for it on your website. Plagiarized or duplicate content It is that content that does not provide information that is important or different from the rest of the existing pages.

This causes you to be unrecognized by Google and penalized by search engines . In addition to plagiarized or duplicated content. We also find rewritten content with small word changes and translations that do not reference the original content in this type. Automatic or auto-generated content Any content generated with Artificial Intelligence or text generation tools. In addition to the fact that Google penalizes these texts. They also have the problem that they may contain spelling and syntax errors.

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