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What is Inbound Marketing and how to apply it to a Blog

What is Inbound Marketing and how to apply it to a Blog. Normally there are certain doubts about what Inbound Marketing is and what Outbound Marketing. In addition, is terms that we might think are completely antagonistic but that might not be. In addition, since there are some strategies that can be outbound and inbound marketing. Would you like to meet them. Inbound Marketing always has the user as its focus and objective and seeks to attract them in a non-invasive way through means that provide quality to the user and for this we mainly use 2 strategies.

Reduce the cost of acquiring leads

Reduce the cost of acquiring leads. This is the great challenge. In addition, we have different traffic acquisition channels such as; the organic. In addition, the social, the referral and PPC, and we always seek to try to achieve the lowest possible cost per lead. Depending on the campaign we carry out. After that, one channel or another will email leads work better for us, but from my personal experience in the majority of projects that I have carried out, I have always achieved the lowest cost per click with Facebook ads.

Free Basic SEO Ebook

An ebook that already has more than 6,000 downloads and that has worked very well to obtain quality leads from people interested in learning the most basic aspects of web positioning. A few days ago what I did was make a Content Upgrade to the posts with the most traffic and I added a button to the different ebooks or lead magnets, in order to increase the conversion Phone List Forum of said traffic and the statistics are impressive as you can see in the Image capture a little below. seo ebook conversion The button that has been added in each of these articles is similar to the one I put below.

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