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What is an insight and how to find yours for your Marketing strategies?

What is an insight, An insight can be defined as something that activates an internal motivation of a client or consumer. And that generates a series of needs that a product or service seeks to fulfill. They are the keys or real reasons why a person can do. Think or say things. The word Insight is an English term that means nsight. But in an internal sense. That is, it refers to an internal vision of the person. And shows what motivates them. In the case of marketing. It is what leads the individual to buy. In psychology it is used to find the origin of problems. That is, it is not a solution in itself. But rather the way to find it. That is why it is so important for marketing. Since the key to success is to create products and services with a value proposition that is in line with said origin.

What is the purpose of knowing your customers' insights?

What is an insight, Effectively identifying your clients’ insight will help you empathize with them and work on their pain points . If email database you discover the origin of their needs. You will be able to adapt your offer and consumers will feel that you are what they are looking for. But it will not be a random process. But actions controlled by you. Which maximizes good results. Including: Increase in sales. Increase in ROI . Savings in the digital marketing plan . The brand is better positioned in the market. You convert more potential customers. A closer and more lasting relationship is created with the client. New products or services will penetrate the market better. Improves the focus of strategies. It is possible to predict behaviors anticipating trends.

What types of insights exist?

It is one of the most effective in marketing because they are strong motivators for Phone List Forum conversion and purchase actions. Emotional insights are among the psychographic aspects of the audience. 2. Symbolic Insight They are those that are based on deep truths reflected through metaphors and/or analogies. That is they have a hidden meaning. A classic example is clothing. Because it not only has a practical use such as covering and protecting us. But it also evokes our personality and lifestyle. 3. Cultural Insight Although cultural aspects are covered a little in consumer insights. The truth is that they can be treated separately to cover them more broadly. And factors such as language traditions food and political and religious ideologies.

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