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NOT consist of stating a  diktat  to employees

It shows in our language  we have  human capital    return on relationship   and  loyalty metrics.  Trust  We don t have it cause we haven t taught it  learn it  practic it. It s not venal psychopaths who ve caus it   we have all caus it  in our b school curricula and in our daily management practices. WALTER BLASS CEO  STRATEGIC PLANS UNLTD We ve just had a perfect example of the lack of trust and how it affects strategic planning at the University of Virginia.

A few Board memrs insist on firing

The President cause they feel that she wasn t moving quickly enough tp institute online learning  but they didn t bother to  socialize  their thinking  making sure that their concern was widely shar. Result  egg in the faces of the Board and restitution of thes Belgium WhatsApp Number Data president. Strategic Planning  contrary to one of the non memrs of that Board  Peter Kiernan  does   but to use the process to gain buy in and swift execution  after agreement is reach. I was Director Strategic Planning in New York Telephone when the parent company announc that we should break our ogranization in a peripheral and a network configuration. Given the history of.

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Ma ll   management went

To extraordinary lengths to run seminars  engage employees in discussion  and explain why they took this step. By and large it went surprisingly smoothly  even if the Albania Phone Number List strategy was externally flaw and quickly chang yet again. My point  and I lieve Prof. Heskett as well as strategic planning executives agree  senior management has no alternative but to seek consensus.

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