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Bloch a superb coach and advisor

I ve gotten to know a numr of excellent family business leaders in my long career along with some weak ones and a couple of awful ones. To illustrate my profile of a great family business system leader I ll use one of my favorite examples Nelson Sirotsky chairman of Grupo RBS his family s world class mia company bas in Porto Alegre in the south of Brazil.

I met Nelson and his cousin

Marcelo Sirotsky at a seminar I l on family business management in Santiago in . I ve work with their family business system ever since. Nelson then CEO of RBS and also leader of his family branch attend the seminar to develop plans for his family business Laos Telegram Number Data system and to reconsider his own leadership role. As the program unfold Nelson came to new understanding. He realiz that he ne to give more attention to his family and the owners in order to keep pace with his tireless focus on the business. What Nelson and his family accomplish over the last decade is very impressive. They recently celebrat Nelson s successful and smooth transfer of his CEO role at age to his very capable nephew uardo Melzer . Nelson remains chairman of the board with clear responsibilities.

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RBS is stable and poise for more

Great performance. My colleague Vicky help them throughout this process. But much of this good work stemm from Nelson understanding his role as South Africa WhatsApp Numbers List a leader of the business family and ownership group and from his performing so well as a leader including through the CEO transition. Which brings me to a question I am often ask Is it tter to have one ultimate leader of the family business system or a team of leaders Unitary Leadership Vs. Leadership Teams There are two basic models.

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