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JUAN ANTONIO AGUIRRE CHAIR FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP  UNIVERSIDAD LATINA COSTA RICA The research we have conduct in the topics seem to indicate that in LA  has to do with blantant lies and unfullfil promises add corruption in many of LA societies and you have the ideal combination for total mistrust. Is a real problem in emerging firms  the problem of not keeping offering and promise made in search of support of one kind or another as firms evolve. Is a reak shame but is really not getting tter.


NEW NORTH INSTITUTE Many startups are energiz by renew trust  respect and a common purpose. The empowerment of trust is often creat by a recent experience of ing treat very unfairly at at prior employer. Frequently these folks take the memory France WhatsApp Number Data and knowhow with them to the startup  give it a shar mission  and make it work. When the second and third stage occurs  sellout and gre happens  structure returns  and old memories emerge  trust evaporates  and the cycle repeats. I d say that lack of trust creates new opportunity for the folks who leave  can devastate the old company  and offers an object lesson for managers.

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I have found that once an employee

Or employee group is tray by management  they revert to their last bad experience  and that reaction can  an unexpectly serious one. Workplace Canada Phone Number List violence often has its roots  however misplac  in sociopathic indifference and the victims are often innocent.  Trust nes to  built and then purposefully sustain. It is not a one time process  and even one infraction can damage the trust that exists tween individuals. Across organizations  honest communication is getting scarcer.

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