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Try to avoid words directly related to sex

This is still a problem in our society…hahahahaha. No, I mean that, for example, you avoid words like “satisfied” and change it for an asexual synonym such as “at ease,” which works for both girls and boys. Do you catch? When the above is not possible, try to speak in “Spanglish” style. For example, although it may sound somewhat pedantic, instead of saying “I’m sure you’ll be happy,” I usually say “I’m sure you’ll be very happy,” or some of its variants. This works for both girls and boys.

When the above is not possible, invent a funny word that is understood

For example, a little further up in this post, I used “empanadis”. I couldn’t say “empanao” or “empana” to refer to sleepy so, with my usual nerve, I made up the word. Maybe they sound too “trivial” or not very specific to you, so industry email list I thought I would propose an exercise: When you finish this post, re-read 10 more of my blog at random, observing how I have tried to solve this . (hee hee hee, and thus my average duration of the visit, depth of visit, etc. They will skyrocket and Google will say “wow, this Vic is so good! … hahahahahahaha). But know that it is just a suggestion and I think it will help you understand it!

Conditional tags in MailChimp

Oysters! Why haven’t you warned me? Were you so “absorbed” with reading that you hadn’t realized that we’re 750 words in and I still haven’t talked about MailChimp? Cachimp… is in the sea. OK. Well, it turns out that even if we become specialists in this art, there will come a time when the type of communication Phone List Forum or the real circumstance prevents us from saving the situation as I have told you before . Although I have given the example of the “os/as”, there are also other situations in which the effect is just as harmful . For example, every time I receive an email from a list in which I did not specify my name and it begins like this: “Dear,”. Dear, comma? But it’s 5 in the afternoon! In any case “Dear snack”! No? And please shut your mouth!

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