Trust the secret of the Best Workplaces

We congratulate all the companies awarded in the Best Workplaces 2015 edition ! All of them are committed to a business culture where people are the priority . In this edition we are once again very happy since David Tomás , co-founder of Cyberclick, has received the special award as Ambassador of Great Place to Work® . David highlighted during Best Workplaces 2015 that “this event rewards companies that are committed to an environment that values ​​trust, a feeling of pride and camaraderie . From my experience, trust is the secret to creating workplaces where happiness prevails . The virtuous circle represents this idea very well.

Best Workplaces

If you get up in the morning with joy and arrive at a Bulk SMS Portugal workplace where they trust you, pride and self-esteem grow, one feels better and achieves more success in achieving the objectives of the organization. If at the end of the day, you come home smiling , your family will see you happy and they will respond with the same feeling, thus closing the circle. Trust-the-secret-of-the-Best-Workplaces-2015-David-Tomas Great Place to Work ® annually awards its recognition to the Best Companies to work for in Spain. The objective of this project is to demonstrate that good labor relations favor business development and that any company, regardless of its size, can become an Excellent Place to Work.

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Trust the secret

The awards ceremony took place on Monday, April 22, in San Phone List Forum Sebastián de los Reyes, in Madrid. It is by aligning these individual objectives with the goals of the organization that a happy company is achieved. Becoming the happiest company in the world is an end worth fighting for . If more than one company would stop for a moment and ask themselves. How they can bring happiness to their team, then many people would avoid anxiety and stress would decrease ,

while the level of collective happiness would increase. Thus making your company the most happy. Leisure moments Work can sometimes be a source of stress. Why not include some element of leisure in the company that can provide. A few minutes of disconnection and fun? Some ideas to include these tools can be a table football. A table to play darts or a leisure getaway for the whole team outside the office .


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