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Tools to generate images with using keywords

DALL E 2 is one of the first AI imaging tools to go viral. And maybe the most famous. DALL·E 2 is a generative language model developed by OpenAI. It is an evolution of the original DALL·E model. It uses GPT-3 technology that is capable of interpreting descriptive texts and generating images through machine learning.  By creating your DALL·E 2 account you get 50 free credits for the first month. The following months, the free credits are reduced to 15. If you want to continue using the tool after consuming them, you can buy additional credits.

Best tools to generate images

Previously, this tool started a closed beta phase Bulk SMS Cyprus with a waiting list; but the wait is over, as the AI ​​is now open for everyone to use. At Cyberclick we liked it for the quality of its results, although it is true that the images generated did not meet the requirement of being “realistic”. dalle-2 2) Dreamstudio Dreamstudio uses an open source imaging model called Stable Diffusion and created by the Stability IA developer community . One of his highest priorities is to create AI tools that are ethical, accessible and genuinely useful. Dreamstudio is open and available for free . In our little experiment, it produced the most satisfying results: the sloth was clearly visible and quite friendly-looking.

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What is artificial intelligence

Dream studio 3) Crayon Craiyon is the completely free Phone List Forum version of Dalle-2’s which you can use without consuming credits. After entering a text that is as descriptive as possible (always in English), the AI ​​generates nine different images based on your keywords. In our experiment, the images generated were somewhat peculiar, as none of the sloths were anatomically correct. Crayon 4) Image from Google This Google AI uses linguistic models to understand entered text and design images accordingly.

The images that they have shown as an example have a lot of quality and detail, which is why it promises to surpass other systems such as Dalle-2. Of course, for the moment this is an internal Google project and it is not available to the public , since according to what they have declared, it can lead to the creation of images that contain “stereotypes and harmful representations”. We hope they manage to overcome this obstacle and make it available to the public to enjoy it.

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