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Company values and saviors

Smart employees keep their heads down  do only what they are told  . Iand take as few risks as possible. And they trust no one at work  especially not management. A tter question for you to ask is how Dilrt compliant the workplace is. People on my bus . Ihave never said their workplace was under   DC. MARTIN KUPP PROFESSOR  ESCP EUROPE  PARIS. I Thank you James for this interesting and important topic. My comment might  very culturally bias but where I grew up and got ucat the saying was  You have to earn my trust.

Working in cation I have come

To realize that this the fundamental wrong approach. Actually it is quite . Ithe opposite  Give trust first and then see whether people will live up to it  . IFor me this is ground rule in ucation but I also see this havior with a lot of successful executives that I am Taiwan Number Data working with. Looking forward to an interesting dialog  Martin ANONYMOUS I . Iam not sure trust is difficult to achieve as an individual manager  however   management  is a group of individuals who all act and react in different ways. And perhaps this is the issue that you are struggling with. Management is not a single entity or organism but rather it is made up of different personalities who often have different agendas and approaches.

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If one of them acts in a manner

That is inconsistent with the message that they try to project as a group  then trust is quickly lost. For example  are fine in print with slogans like  we live Romania Phone Number by our values  etc but if they are not liv by the management as a whole  then they are just words. How many times have you seen a manager act in a way that is not consistent with this  TGALE This is why the study of human haviour is so interesting. Mankind has always reli upon communication  trust and respect as critical to survival. The principle is so simple yet the application so difficult.

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