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The fact they have to deal with people

As long as one person is able to connect and adjust to the other party  then that is sufficient for them to collaborate   Chua says. In other words  if one person is able to grapple with his or her cultural assumptions  then that person can spur a fruitful collaboration without the other person necessarily even realizing it.

A Learnable Habit The good news

That cultural metacognition is not fixed  but rather it is a mental habit that can be learned over time and through different circumstances.  People who have a culturally Latvia Mobile Database diverse social network tend to have higher cultural metacognition   Chua says.   from different cultures more causes them to question their own assumptions more.  For those who don t have a culturally diverse network already  he recommends consciously seeking out new cultural experiences. However  such activities need to be genuine to work. “YOU WANT TO DEEPLY INVOLVE YOURSELF IN CROSS CULTURAL INTERACTIONS   It s not just going to a foreign movie or eating culturally different food   he says.  You want to deeply involve yourself in cross cultural interactions.

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Chua stresses that it is important

To always engage in active inquiry and observations  and be mindful that your assumptions or interpretation of a given culture might not be accurate or Czech Republic Phone Number applicable in a given context. One way to do this is by keeping a journal and writing down thoughts after each interaction with someone from another culture. This can help people see patterns in their interactions with culturally dissimilar colleagues  eventually leading to more mindful interactions. That  in turn  can lead to enhanced affective trust that makes cross cultural creative collaboration more effective  whether the goal is to sell a product overseas or launch the next Chinese American blockbuster.

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