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NOTE  the leader MUST demonstrate his her willingness . Ito  accountable fore asking it of others      open and vulnerable with his her people. This includes admitting when he she has made mistakes or doesn t know. I the answer  ing willing and able to ask for help  and demonstrating the humility involv in acknowlging that others often know more and make tter judgments that the leader does.

The leader s job is to harness those

Talents for the greater good of the organization  not restrict them.   Always approach his her direct reports with the prevailing attitude. I that   I trust that you know how to do your job. That s why you re here. My job is to make sure you have the resources Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List you ne and to help you stay coordinat with the rest of team. So get going  and let me know if you ne my help.    Set the foregoing haviors as expectations for the team  and hold people accountable for adhering to them. That s a lot of work. A full time job. Again  it is a leadership job  not a management job. Two final comments  My thoughts on this are a reflection of the work I do every day helping leadership teams create the kind of environment descrid above.

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On the direct link tween trust and performance  it seems self evident  and my experience has en that as trust increases  the conversations that ne to  had occur sooner  take less time  and produce tter results cause no one wastes time on the distraction Afghanistan Phone Number of politics and hidden agendas. They just solve their issues and problems and move on.        proud graduate of HBS  but in the spirit of openness and honesty  I have to say that none of this was address when I was a student there. I hope that has chang. It seems to me that trust would  more prevalent if our st schools of leadership taught it.

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