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CSR cause it can not minimize

NAIM KERUWALA CONSULTANT  JANWANI  MAHRATTA CHAMR OF COMMERCE  INDUSTRIES   AGRICULTURE The function of CSR is not to cover up the bad des. If I am regularly donating money for Police welfare fund  it does not mean that I can murder someone and Police won t take action against me out of obligation. CSR undoubtly helps in enhancing the Goodwill of the company as hence the companies have to function more responsibly to maintain that high goodwill. It definitely increases the pressure on companies but also generates higher returns.

As point out by many readers

Oil Industry was too minor an example and sample too small to jump to any conclusion. However  it was interesting to read a very different perspective to CSR. SATYENDRA SINGH MANAGER  UCO BANK INDIA Focusing only on oil sector is not a great idea when it comes to meaning of CSR for such companies. actually whole energy sector  considering Italy Phone Number List all conventional energy resources like oil  coal gas  nuclear  has always en the biggest threat for the environmental stability. a little bit of negligence can create a huge environmental damage. though it is a fact that such companies spends billions on CSR to improve their CSR ratings but damage caus by even a small mishap for example oil spill will not  able to  recover by their CSR expenditure.

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Spending on CSR never provides

Any right to create any harm to environment intentionally or unintentionally. incidents like chernobil  fukushima  BP oil spill   many other can not just forgotten Luxembourg Phone Number or the sake of spending done on  the sufferigs of the peoples of such incidents. this why i think CSR is not a much meaningful term for the oil sector companies. KAPIL KUMAR SOPORY COMPANY SECRETARY  SMEC INDIA  PRIVATE LIMIT It is a fact  even though ironical  that human expectations from the tter go on increasing.

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