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Communicating effectively in a multi cultural

Readers  What are your experiences when it comes to doing creative work with someone from another culture  What are the key challenges  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. COMMENTS RICHARD GRIFFITH DIRECTOR  INSTITUTE FOR CROSS CULTURAL MANAGEMENT Great article. Cultural metacognition  or mindfulness  is a skill that is sorely lacking. The good news is that it is a malleable skill that can be acquired with practice.

The key is that the person in

The novel culture must find a balance between noticing cultural differences and opportunities to identify similarities. Finding common ground is the key to establishing trust. This balance can be tricky in cultures that have a tough time holding two competing thoughts. RAMASESHAN Thought provoking article and interesting experiments. In the current flat world setting  the convergence of two or more cultures is inevitable. As rightly pointed out  innovation thrives at the intersection of entities. ANONYMOUS Discussion of diversity and inclusion with Argentina Mobile Database our clients often prompts an interesting discussion about how younger generations in cosmopolitan environments are less adveresely affected by bias of racial and ethnic diversity  given the context of their global work environment. A most relevant follow on question  then  is which cognitive filters and biases most get in the way of trust for them  Certainly gender is still in the mix.

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CORE IDEAS COMMUNICATION workforce is now a  must have  skill. But so much of inter cultural communication is just common sense and courtesy. Slow down and listen. REALLY listen  to what others are saying  and to what you are saying and how you Denmark Phone Number are saying it. Putting yourself in the shoes of others can be a big first step in bridging cultural communication challenges. WOLFGANG E. SCHR DER LINGUISTICS TEACHER  UNAP   CHILE The fields of both Linguistics and Language Teaching have been dealing with this issue for a few years now  linguistic competence and cultural competence.

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