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I lieve the basis for company Trust is an employee perception that the management tries to work on a foundation of  Fairness . However what about managment trust in employees  fairness  Are women more or less trusting than men  Are young people more or less trusting than older. What part od unions play  This is a fascinating area. JIM CONLOW I don t think this is as difficult as people make it.

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With respect to followers trusting leaders is that a sufficient percentage of leaders make promises and then later they renege so that a majority of followers simply mistrust leaders from the start. Leaders often do not put their promises in writing. Or  leaders use ambiguity and weasel words in their promises  even in writing    so much that is said by Brazil Number Data leaders can  interpret in ways that leave the followers not lieving. Too many times followers who do the hard work and achieve success for the leader do not get the reward they expect cause  after the success  the leader interprets the ambiguous language in favor of themselves. There are dozens of stories addressing this theme that circulate through the culture. We cut our teethe on these stories.

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Way of making judgments. We come very good at detecting when a leader is not trustworthy. Followers start with suspicion.  trust issue on track is to create Spain Phone Number win win agreements that are clear  with no ambiguity  that define the rewards the follower will receive when clear goals are achiev. If the follower detects any way for the leader to wiggle out  then this will destroy trust. Once a good win win agreement is in place  the follower s  can trust the leaders in ways that go far yond the language of the agreement. Hard work  ideas  and creativity will flow cause the enthusiastic follower knows he she will  reward.

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